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Kickstarter Highlights: Mysthea

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There is a thirst in you for exploration, a thirst to step on uncharted soils and claim them yours. Icaion is one of the most ancient planets in the system but there is a reason it has been avoided for that long. Bizarre forces flow around the lands of the the planet, and strange anomalies bend the laws of physics.New life has evolved in strange ways and it all has to do with the power of vibrant crystals. Mysthea needs a champion to explore and gain control of the floating islands. This strange phenomenon is linked with the gravitational waves that flow from the core crystal buried deep within the planet. The floating islands are not as innocent as they appear at first glance from distance. Unimaginable beasts, lurk at every corner and it is up to you to choose the optimal path to survive the mysteries and perils of Icaion.

Mysthea’s publisher is Tabula Games a new company which made an amazing debut last year with another solid hit Barbarians the Invasion a super innovative take on the worker placement genre with a freaking 3D volcano and since the company has successfully shown its teeth to the most accomplished publishers, one can only expect strike two. In Mysthea players control a champion with very different and unique skills. This champion in immobilized an effort to explore the five islands that are floating around an unseen mysterious gravitational force. From the first signs already one can identify a strong amalgam of the finest mechanisms  of hand-management, area control and variable player powers. The whole package seems to be wrapped in a fresh and immersive theme that stands our of the crowd. This game has definitely something to say in the thousands that keep popping out of nowhere in front of our eyes lately.

Most of the cases when one thinks area control then the next thought would link with the absence of theme. It is good to face from time to time the exception to the rule. In Mysthea the area control aspect of the game is closely tied to an everchanging  map (something rare for area control games), a map that can easily transform as a result of the action of the players and as such shift the dynamics accordingly. Players cannot sit comfortable in their corner and with their initial strategy. They will have to plan ahead with the possible changes in mind but also place themselves in a position that it will allow them to adapt accordingly and opportunistically towards better strategic options at any given time. The core of the game evolves around the torment of the players between the the constant conflict between champions and the need to ally against the common enemies and ferocious monsters that simply have to be defeated or… Choosing wisely when to team up with other players players or when to fight against them can frequently prove to be the key to winning the game. The marrying of hand management and variable player powers and in game customization sets the ground for a completely asymmetric game style that ensures almost endless replayability.

In game players start with a small deck of cards throughout new ones can be acquired from a common open display, providing additional possibilities and different strategies. There are no two cards similar in Mysthea and this means that choosing when and how to use every is a huge part of the immersive gameplay, At the beginning of each new Era players will collect all of their played cards back into their hand and they will start with full access to all, meaning that as the game progresses and players get more and more cards they will become stronger and the in-game experience will mature positively along the way.  The latter means that creates a tense and tactical planning is necessary, in order to maximize your turn’s output.


In Mysthea players will need to build their army with different kinds of troops, raise fortifications on the floating islands that their champion explores making him even more strong, versatile and efficient. But keep in mind that every opponent is doing the same and the challenge of facing and outmaneuvering the enemy champions will certainly be high. One of the most cool things in the game is the possibility for a player to quickly move For example, his entire army by shifting the islands under their feet. Such a clever and fresh take on the area control. The focus is simultaneously macroscopic and microscopic as a player can always decide to move a champion from his troops to protect him or courageously endanger him by driving him closer to a monster. In Mysthea monsters have a big say and impact on every players strategy as they appear out of nowhere and attack without a second thought. Not to mention that challenging them alone with a single champion in most of the times a bad choice, therefore additional layers of discussions and player interaction bind the players original strategies and decisions. Players will have to work together for a chance to defeat these strong monsters.

Another fascinating element of the game is the fact that encounters provide the players with two possible pathways and players will have to choose the one that seems to bring the more benefits for them. A champion for example can choose to make a surprise attack on a camp, probably influencing other players or altogether ignore that option to explore a mysterious crystal structure in the distance trying to find a treasure or an artifact. Players will combat monsters and other players, strategize and perform many other actions during gameplay but under no case the battle will become cumbersome, not to mentions that it is clear, robust and working, also diceless. Finally a word about production. Mysthea looks like the next hot jewel in terms of aesthetically presence and overall impression. People will gather around your table to peek at the captivating artwork, the detailed miniatures and the bizarre but inviting world of Icaion. The first reports of the previous production of Tabula Games, Barbarians the Invasion are blazing and there is no way Mysthea will fall behind, on the other hand I would expect the contrary, since the framework both from art and from possibilities ahead support it even more.

Click on the image above to visit the Kickstarter page that is currently running… or simply click on the image below to visit the official website of the game and learn more…

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